Texans Respond Passionately to Obama’s $10 Oil Tax

AP File Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

President Barack Obama called for a $10 tax on every barrel of crude oil. The response from Texans and their friends, not unsurprisingly, has been swift and impassioned.

The President has proposed an oil tax he says, to help fund new vehicle technology, rail initiatives, and cleaner transportation systems, as reported by Breitbart News.

Some Republican leaders in the U.S. House say that the President’s proposal for a crude oil tax has no chance of getting enough support for legislation to pass. Texans see his proposal as an opportunity for good ole’ fashioned payback for not supporting him in the election. Texas is a red state and for decades, only Republicans have been elected to statewide high office. The Lone Star State went “red” in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

Some even see Obama’s proposed tax on crude oil as an opportunity for him to try to destroy America. Others see it as an effort to reward OPEC and Middle Eastern countres.

Jay Dietrich posted on his Facebook page, “Obozo rides again! Ten bucks a barrel production fee on domestic oil. Not imported oil, domestic oil. This boy makes as much sense as double battered, deep fried bat crap…with a ten dollar serving tax on it.”

Comments to Dietrich’s post included one from Eugene Chernosky who said, “It’s Barry’s ‘penalize the USA and not my Muslim buddies’ program. This POS can’t leave the office of POTUS soon enough!”

Laurel Andreasen posted the comment, “Well why not go out with a ‘huge’ screw you America.” Michael K. Bohn responded, “He sure is doing all he can.”

Chris Petrowski posted, “Oil companies won’t pay the tax, you will.”

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Glenn Hegar posted on Facebook, “President Obama’s latest liberal scheme is to tack on a $10/barrel of oil fee to fund his fight against climate change. Meanwhile, the oil industry is dealing with the largest slump and financial crisis in over 25 years. This added fee will only shrink our economy and RAISE fuel prices on hard-working families. This act makes me question whether President Obama is working for America or OPEC?”

In a comment to the Texas Comproller’s post, James Vick wrote, “It should not even be an idea he is trying to kill the oil and gas industry. This man takes the saying idiot child to a whole new level as he tries to destroy America and his butt buddy puppet politicians are riding his short bus.”

Another comment to the post by Gerard Tobin wrote, “It won’t hurt the oil companies because the tax goes from your wallet to obama’s [sic] wallet,”

Francis Debelo commented, “No actually it proves that he is succeeding in destroying the American way of life.”

Although he worded it a bit differently than some of the other posts,U.S. Steve Scalise said the proposal is indicative of the Obama administration’s track record of enacting policies that hurt the nation’s energy sector, as reported by Breitbart News. “He has waged open warfare on American energy,” he said. “The House will kill this absurd proposal, and instead focus on lowering costs and growing our economy.”

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. Follow her on Twitter@LanaShadwick2




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