NYC Mulls Deleting Illegal Alien Database to Stop Trump

Cari McGee/Flickr/
Cari McGee/Flickr/
New York, NY

New York City may delete their city ID cards to protect illegal aliens from deportation risks as a result of the November election.

NYC initiated the largest municipal ID card program in 2015 and now the City is worried about President-Elect Donald Trump and his immigration policies, reported the Associated Press on Wednesday.

Breitbart News reported in September of 2014 that New York was offering free attractions to get illegal aliens to apply for city IDs. As reported, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio gave illegal aliens free access to its zoo, museums and the New York City Ballet, in order to entice them to sign up for IDs.

At the time, de Blasio was reported to urge that “The municipal ID is more than just a card—it provides New Yorkers who are currently living in the shadows with dignity and peace of mind. My administration is fully ready to develop this plan.” The program, the largest of its kind in the country, passed by a vote of 43 to 3 and was expected to involve 500,000 illegal aliens. The city card was also designed to permit a gender selection based upon the concept of gender fluid self-identification for transgendered persons.

As of February 2015, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens were standing in long lines to get a card. As reported by the AP and Breitbart News, there were 260,000 appointments in the first month of the program alone.

New York City Councilman Carlos Menchaca was reported by Breitbart News and the New York Post as saying that the new cards had a “self-destruct mechanism” for destroying the cards.

The city’s new municipal ID program allows for personal info provided by applicants to be destroyed at the end of 2016, in case a conservative Republican wins the White House and demands the data, the law’s co-sponsor told The Post.

City Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D-Brooklyn) said the measure was crafted so data submitted by those seeking the cards can be destroyed on Dec. 31, 2016.

Breitbart News predicted:

Rest assured, in the event Obama’s ‘leadership’ is supplanted by someone who actually thinks laws mean what they say, the government is duty-bound to enforce them, and the primary concern of the American government should be American citizens (or, Heaven forbid, American taxpayers), Mechaca and his crew are ready to spring into action, wiping out data that could be used against his preferred constituents.

Mayor de Blasio told illegal immigrants in February of 2015, “we have your back.” This was after a federal district court judge in Brownsville, Texas, issued an order temporarily blocking President Obama’s executive amnesty order.

The AP reported that after the election of Republican nominee Donald Trump, the city may consider destroying the cards.

One illegal alien, Alberto Saldivia, said that he got his municipal card last year after illegally being in the U.S. for 15 years. He was reported to say, “It did cause me considerable concern, because they have my information, also the information on my son.” He feels better now they report after NYC Mayor de Blasio say he would “absolutely” protect the identities of those who received the municipal cards.

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. She has served as a prosecutor and associate judge in Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2.<