The New Yorker: Illegal Immigrants ‘Brace’ for Trump

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BROOKLYN, New York – The New Yorker is alerting illegal immigrants to “brace” for President-Elect Donald Trump’s administration, which has vowed to enforce existing federal immigration laws and crack-down on unlawful border crossings.

The New Yorker piece on the well-being of illegal immigrants in the country focuses on the “states of anxiety” since the Presidential election. The piece also alleges widespread physical and mental illnesses occurring within the illegal immigrant community across the country:

Dealing with so much uncertainty about the future has had both psychological and physical consequences, particularly for young people. Suicide hotlines catering to immigrants have reported significant upticks in phone calls in the past few weeks. There have been widespread reports of depression and heightened stress among young immigrants. “We always get lost in the politics of the election,” Luba Cortés, an organizer from Queens, told me. “We don’t think about the emotional toll on the people who are going to be most affected.” According to Julie Linton, the co-chair of a group that specializes in immigrant health at the American Academy of Pediatrics, “There have been complaints from young patients about stomachaches and headaches, body aches and joint pain. Kids are depressed. Some are having trouble focusing in school.”

Antonio Alarcón, a 20 year-old living in Queens, New York with illegal immigrant family members, told the New Yorker his illegal family members are concerned about a perceived rounding of people up and mass deporting them.

“People have been crying a lot, saying, ‘We’re going to get deported’,” Alarcón said.

Luba Cortés, a community organizer in Queens, said she has similar worries about illegal immigrant family members, with the same mainstream media-driven perception of rigid deportation forces coming into private individuals’ homes and rounding illegals up.

Cortés described a “sense of imminent loss.” “My mom is undocumented,” she told the magazine. “And my little sister, when she found out about the election, got upset because she thought they were going to take my mom away.”

Despite Trump making it clear that he is interested in focusing on criminal illegal immigrants and deporting them back to their native countries, the mainstream media has long pushed the narrative that all illegal immigrants will be deported in somewhat of an inhumane manner.

Trump has called for non-violent illegal immigrants living in the country to return home and apply for legal residency through the established process.

Media outlets like Vox, though, have called Trump’s strict immigration proposal a “deportation machine,” while the Huffington Post ran the headline “Trump Says He’ll Immediately Deport Or Imprison Up To 3 Million Undocumented Immigrants,” without mentioning that he was talking about violent criminal illegal immigrants.

As Breitbart News reported, Trump has vowed to have a deportation force that is done “humanely.”

“Don’t forget you have millions of people that are waiting on a line to come into this country and come in legally,” Trump told MSNBC’s Morning Joe at the time. “I always say the wall. We’re going to build the wall and it’s going to be a real deal. There’s going to be a real wall.”

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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