EXCLUSIVE: Carnival Corporation’s Alleged Outsourcing Plan Sends Jobs to India, Europe

Carnival got official approval to send its first cruise ship to Cuba from the United State
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Carnival Corporation, with the help of an outsourcing firm, is set to offshore hundreds of American jobs overseas to India and Eastern Europe, according to an alleged leaked  document obtained by Breitbart Texas.

The document depicts a map showing the American positions which the company will purportedly outsource to two foreign regions, leaving hundreds of American workers jobless.

Positions listed as moving from the U.S. to India, according to the alleged internal document, include a mix of high and low-paying jobs involving:

  • Mainframe/Midrange/Middleware/Database
  • Storage/Backup
  • Security
  • Network/Voice
  • End User Compute/Messaging/Collaboration
  • Disaster Recovery

Meanwhile the jobs allegedly being offshored to Poland and Romania include:

  • Service Desk
  • Asset and Configuration Management
  • Service Management

The only jobs listed to be allegedly remaining in the U.S. within the company’s IT department involve account, operational, and compliance management and on-site support, among others.

A source close to Breitbart Texas said earlier this year in February, Carnival Corporation began executing the outsourcing plan led by Capgemini, telling Americans to either take jobs with the outsourcing firm and risk being fired six months later or leave the company altogether.

Carnival Corporation teamed up with Capgemini, a French outsourcing firm, to allegedly mass lay-off the American IT workers remaining at the company who had yet to be replaced by cheaper, foreign workers.

In a statement to Breitbart Texas regarding the allegations of offshoring, Carnival Corporation Spokesman Roger Frizzell said:

This is a relatively small group of employees within the company — roughly 130 people within our IT organization — that moved over several months ago to Capgemini, which has offices in Miami and throughout the U.S. A vast majority of these individuals — 100 or so — will continue in their existing IT roles to support Carnival Corporation at their existing Carnival office locations (and existing salaries). Discussions are underway with the remaining 30 employees, who are being considered for other positions in the U.S. within Capgemini.

It also important to note that every Carnival employee within this IT group was offered employment several months ago with Capgemini as they evaluated the needs of our business. As I mentioned, more than 100 of these individuals are continuing in their existing roles in support of Carnival Corporation in the same Carnival Corporation office location.

Based on the latest update from Capgemini, it looks as if they are optimistic that new positions and opportunities will be found for the other 30 employees.

A source familiar with Carnival’s alleged outsourcing plan said they “doubted” the company’s claim that only 130 employees were impacted by the changes, saying at the original group of employees impacted was likely closer to about 250.

“We were forced to take the Capgemini jobs,” the source told Breitbart Texas. “They forced me into Capgemini and because I didn’t take it, they said I resigned, but I didn’t. I wasn’t given a choice.”

The source also said that although many employees did take jobs at Capgemini originally, some eventually left their new positions because they understood that their job would eventually be off-shored overseas.

Capgemini, like other outsourcing firms such as Infosys and Tata Consulting, is known for contracting with major U.S. corporations to replace Americans through the H-1B visa. After they are replaced with H-1B foreign workers, the jobs are eventually offshored altogether.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, domestic companies have been able to get away with importing low-wage foreign workers by hiding H-1B visa applications behind the outsourcing firms they partner with.

In Carnival Corporation’s case, the company has the potential to deny any such offshoring and lay-offs of Americans, as Capgemini is technically handling the operation.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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