PRODUCER KENNY: ‘Berkeley Needs Campus Carry’ Like UT

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Houston area talk radio host and producer Kenneth Webster shared his thoughts on the early successes of Texas’ campus carry law and why California should match it in an article published by KPRC Radio:

A little over a year ago the Leftists of these United States pointed their crooked fingers at Texas and shook them violently.  They were disgusted by the simple news that we had passed a law. They shamed us and mocked us. They were so sure that we would live to regret our decision that they proclaimed it loudly on cable news and late night talk shows.  For all the outrage and anger over our new law, you’d think we’d of legalized murder. Not quite.

Back in 2016 the voters of Texas, being the custodians of gun-rights that they are, recognized mass-shootings always occur in the same types of places: supposed gun-free zones.  The term “gun-free zone” is something of an anomaly. You’d assume you’d find no guns in “gun-free zones” but if you did that you’d be assuming wrong.  Fort Hood, Virginia Tech, Pulse Nightclub, and Sandy Hook Elementary School all have one thing in common. You can’t legally bring a gun to any of these places [but you can if you’re a criminal].

So the people of Texas, with all their wisdom, realized their great state was home to dozens and dozens of these [not so] gun-free zones. The people confined within these not-gun-free-zones were vulnerable to violent attacks. It’s happened all over America, and Texas could be next.  Texas needed a way to stop vulnerable people from being preyed upon in these common places. But how? Could they solve the problem by spending more money on crime prevention and law enforcement? No, that doesn’t always necessarily work. If the 2016 Presidential Election taught us anything, it’s that spending more money does not necessarily equal a solution.  What about stricter laws? Would violence be prevented if more rules were put in place?  No, that’s just as futile. Everyone doesn’t always follow the rules, particularly the people who are the most problematic.

We remember 12-months after the rest of the nation [including many of our own citizens] mocked us for defending and protecting the rights of our State, our colleges remain safer than those of California. We remember that the predicted mass-shooting on a Texas college campus, made by many of our most distinguished public figures, simply never happened. We remember when we take a late night walk from the library to a student housing facility at one of our public colleges we’ll be safe because we remember there’s a firearm hidden on many of our citizens.

Read the rest of “Producer Kenny’s” piece at KPRC/iHeart.

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