Migrant Death Toll Continues to Rise Under Open Border Policies

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents rescue an illegal alien who required treatment for heat-related illness in South Texas. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector)
Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector

The Texas summer heat and the U.S. government’s open borders policies continue to take their toll on the lives of illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico. This week, Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents carried out the rescues of 15 migrants and recovered the body of one deceased migrant.

During a two-day period this week. Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector agents recovered the body of a deceased migrant and rescued 15 illegal aliens who had been abandoned by their human smugglers and left to die in the hot sun, according to information provided to Breitbart Texas by RGV Sector Border Patrol officials.

Agents assigned to the Falfurrias Station in Brooks County responded to three calls of lost migrants on Tuesday. Agents rescued five illegal aliens who had been abandoned by human smugglers in the arid ranchlands located about 80 miles from the Texas-Mexico border. The agents provide emergency medical attention in the field. After stabilizing the migrants, agents transported them to the Falfurrias Station for processing on charges for immigration violations.

Rio Grande City Station agents found a Honduran woman and her juvenile son who had been abandoned near the border town of Fronton, Texas. Because of heat and lack of water, the woman began to vomit and became unresponsive, officials said. The agents called for an ambulance and carried the woman out of the brush where she could be transported to a local hospital. The woman is being treated for heat-related illness. Officials did not disclose the disposition of the young male who had been placed in danger by his mother and the human smugglers.

Further east along the Rio Grande River, Brownsville Station agents found a Mexican man who had illegally crossed the border. The man complained of back pain. A Border Patrol agent who is trained as an Emergency Medical Technician evaluated the man and called for an ambulance to transport the illegal alien to a local hospital.

As darkness began to fall on the Rio Grande River, Weslaco Station agents found the body of a deceased migrant near the border town of Pharr, Texas. After a death declaration by a Hidalgo County justice of the peace, agents arranged transportation of the body to the county coroner’s office.

The following day, Brooks County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers processed three more 911 calls regarding migrants who had been abandoned by their human smugglers. The sheriff’s office provided geographic coordinates allowing agents to quickly find the lost migrants. Border Patrol agents found seven illegal aliens who were attempting to circumvent the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint located in the middle of Brooks County. Agents determined one of the illegal aliens required hospital treatment for a heat-related condition.

Rio Grande City agents also carried out rescues on Wednesday. Agents found a Guatemalan man who had illegally crossed the border near La Gurlla, Texas. The agents extricated the man from the brush and arranged EMS transportation to a local hospital.

In total, one migrant was found to be deceased and 15 others were rescued by RGV Sector agents. Four of the migrants required medical attention at local hospitals.

This year, more than 110 migrants have died in South Texas after illegally crossing the border from Mexico — more than 200 nationwide, according to the Missing Migrant Project.

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