Rio Grande Valley Sector

EXCLUSIVE: May Migrant Apprehensions in Texas-Based Sectors Exceeds Waco’s Population

Border Patrol agents in the five Texas-based sectors apprehended nearly 138,000 migrants in May, according to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This is up by approximately 10,000 over the previous month. If the migrants apprehended in the Texas-based sectors were put into a brand new city, it would be the 25th largest city in Texas by population — greater than Waco.

Rio Grande Valley Sector agents apprehend a large migrant group in May. (U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector)

15 Migrants Found Under Hay Bales near Border in Texas

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers found a group of migrants hidden in a cattle trailer. Human smugglers packed the migrants in an un-ventilated compartment under bales of hay.

Texas DPS Troopers and Border Patrol agents found a group of migrants trapped in a hidden compartment of a cattle trailer. (U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector)

EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol Facilities in West Texas Again Exceed Capacity

A source within Customs and Border Protection says Border Patrol detention facilities within the Del Rio Sector of Texas are again dangerously overcrowded. On Friday, one facility, designed to hold 500 migrants, contains at least 2,000 mostly Cubans. The typically single adult detainees are being processed and most likely will be released into the United States, according to the source.

EP Group Crossing

Five Human Smuggling Attempts Foiled in South Texas in 11 Hours

Border Patrol agents in the Texas Rio Grande Valley foiled five migrant smuggling attempts in less than 11 hours. The human smuggling ventures spanned from Wednesday evening through Thursday morning, with one causing significant property damage after smugglers abandoned a vehicle in tall grass. The ensuing brush fire destroyed the vehicle and burned privately owned ranch land.

A human smuggler's vehicle catches fire in South Texas after the driver ran through a rancher's fence while fleeing apprehension. (U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector)

Biden Admin Commences Border Wall Construction Study with ‘No Plan to Build’

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the next study phase for the construction of a border barrier project covering 86 miles in the Rio Grande Valley. Last week, the agency opened the door for public comments as part of an environmental assessment. Despite the appearance of progress, CBP is already disclosing that it will not proceed with construction or new permanent land acquisitions at the conclusion of the study. The bureaucratic maneuver helps shield the agency from violating legal responsibilities to dispense with funds as Congress ordered.

LA JOYA, TEXAS - JULY 01: An unfinished section of border wall is seen on July 01, 2021 in La Joya, Texas. Recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has pledged to build a state-funded border wall as a surge of mostly Central American immigrants crossing into the United States continues to …

33 Migrants Arrested by Texas Troopers on Ranch near Border

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers assigned to border security duty arrested 33 migrants on state charges of criminal trespass. The troopers, assigned to Operation Lone Star, arrested the migrants on private ranches near the Texas-Mexico border.

Texas DPS troopers arrest 33 migrants on ranches in South Texas under Operation Lone Star. (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Texas Police Seize $5M in Meth on Border Highway

A Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol trooper thwarted an attempt by cartel smugglers to move 54 pounds of methamphetamine away from the border Tuesday. The trooper located the contraband concealed in water well pumps.


SHOTS FIRED: Border Patrol Vehicle Struck as Agents Arrest Migrant

Border Patrol agents attempting to arrest a migrant near Fronton, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley came under gunfire Saturday morning. As the agents attempted the arrest, several shots were fired at them from Mexico. The agents avoided injury during the incident that damaged their patrol vehicle.

Border Patrol came under fire as gunshots rang out from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande near Fronton, Texas. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector)