Migrant Rescues

CBP Aircrews Rescue 5 Migrants in Arizona Mountains near Border

Helicopter aircrews assigned to CBP’s Air and Marine Operations’ Tucson Air Branch rescued five migrants from life-threatening conditions in the desert mountains near the Arizona border with Mexico. CBP is carrying out higher-than-normal numbers of rescue operations as the summer heat increases.

AMO Rescue near Arizona-New Mexico border. (CBP Air and Marine Operations)

7 Arrested, 11Migrants Hospitalized in Texas Human Smuggling Scheme

Bexar County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested seven people involved in an alleged migrant smuggling scheme that saw 11 migrants taken to a hospital in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday. The migrants were discovered hidden in a concealed compartment in a goose-neck trailer outside a south San Antonio stash house. Deputies received a tip reporting the criminal activity earlier in the day and located the trailer as it arrived at the suspected stash house.

11 migrants hospitalized in failed human smuggling attempt (Bexar County Sheriff's Office)

14 Migrant Bodies Recovered near Border in December, 240 More Rescued

As the Biden administration’s border crisis continues in record-shattering numbers, Border Patrol agents must also deal with migrant deaths and rescues. Thus far in December, agents recovered the bodies of 14 migrants who died while or shortly after crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. Another 240 migrants were rescued from life-threatening circumstances by Border Patrol agents, according to a Border Patrol report.

Migrant Rescues and Body Recoveries. (U.S. Border Patrol and Breitbart Texas)

GOP Presidential Candidate Ramaswamy Witnesses Migrant Rescue During Texas Border Tour

Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy visited the small border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, to meet with law enforcement officials and tour the border area recently plagued by thousands of migrant crossings. While discussing the current border situation on the bank of the Rio Grande, Ramaswamy observed law enforcement authorities rescue a migrant family attempting to cross into the United States.

Ramaswamy Visit to Eagle Pass (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas and Texas DPS)

Abandoned Migrant Rescued as Large Groups Continue Crossing Border into Texas

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents saved the life of a migrant who suffered severe dehydration after being abandoned near the border in South Texas in record-breaking heat. Temperatures in the area are forecast to hit nearly 110 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, and highs will remain over 100 degrees for at least the next two weeks.

Eagle Pass South Station Border Patrol agents rescue a migrant suffering severe heat exhau

Border Agents Train for Migrant Drownings in Texas Gulf as Title 42 End Approaches

The Border Patrol conducted a multi-agency water safety exercise along the southern edge of South Padre Island to address the dangers posed to migrants. Agents trained to rescue migrants attempting to enter the U.S. via the Texas Gulf Coast. Monday’s exercise involved CBP Air and Marine units; Rio Grande Valley Sector’s Border, Search, Trauma, and Rescue Team (BORSTAR); and the United States Coast Guard.

CBP, Border Patrol and Coast Guard crews train for migrant drownings in the Gulf of Mexico

1,600 Migrants Apprehended in Single Texas Border Station in One Day

Agents assigned to the Brownsville Border Patrol Station apprehended more than 1,600 migrants who crossed the border from Mexico to Texas during a 24-hour period ending on Sunday. Officials report increasing numbers of migrant apprehensions during the past few days as the end of Title 42 approaches next month.

Brownsville Station Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 1,600 migrants in a single

Exclusive Video: 141 Migrants Trapped, Rescued from Rio Grande Border Island in Texas

A large group of migrants found themselves stranded on an island in the Rio Grande when rising water levels and swift currents made their river crossing nearly impossible. Border Patrol agents eventually rescued the group of 141 migrants Sunday more than 20 miles south of Eagle Pass.  A Texas rancher captured video of the group of migrants hidden by trees and thick Carrizo cane on the island before the Border Patrol arrived on the scene.

Border Patrol agents in Texas rescued a group of 141 migrants who became trapped on an isl