GRAPHIC: Gulf Cartel Gunmen Kill, Dump Woman in Mexican Border State

Nuevo Leon Zeta Cops
Breitbart Texas / Cartel Chronicles

MONTERREY, Nuevo León — Gulf Cartel hitmen tracked down and murdered a woman who is believed to be one of their former members who had gone into hiding in this border state. The cartel gunmen left the woman’s body on a dirt road and used a knife to stab a posterboard riddled with numerous threats.

A Nuevo León law enforcement source revealed to Breitbart Texas that a team of gunmen from Mexico’s Gulf Cartel (CDG) drove a pickup to the Bosques de La Silla in the suburb of Juarez to dump the woman’s body and flee the area. The posterboard identified the woman as “Luna” or “La Luna”.

The woman whose name has not yet been confirmed was found facing down on a dirt road. She had been tortured and is believed to have been murdered in another place and was dumped in the area. She had a tattoo with the name Renata in her right hand.

The message on the posterboard stated: “The world is small traitorous Luna this will happen to those who stand against the Metros from Reynosa wether its mafia or government, a betrayal is not forgiven. Atte Jefe Primito (Boss Little Cousin) and Comandante Mono (Commander Monkey)”.

Also over the weekend, a group of gunmen, also from the Gulf Cartel, under the leadership of Commander 23 placed several banners in the state of San Luis Potosi warning about upcoming murders targeting robbers and extortionists pointing to a shift in strategy by the Gulf Cartel in the region.

Nota Editorial: Breitbart Texas viajó a los estados Mexicanos de Tamaulipas, Coahuila y Nuevo León para reclutar a ciudadanos periodistas dispuestos a arriesgar sus vidas para exhibir a los carteles que amordazan a sus comunidades. Los escritores recibirían una muerte segura a manos de los carteles que operan en esas áreas incluyendo a el Cartel Del Golfo y Los Zetas si no usaran un seudónimo. Breitbart’s Las Crónicas De Carteles serán publicadas tanto en inglés como en su contenido original de Español. Este artículo fue escrito por Tony Aranda de Nuevo León. 


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