Some Caravan Migrants Return Home Fearing Violent Clashes at U.S. Border

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A collection of Central American caravan migrants in Tijuana and some still camped in Mexico City decided to return home–citing fear of violent clashes with authorities. Several claim they were promised an easy journey with minimal resistance from U.S. officials.

In Mexico City, several migrants are seeking a return home after growing tired from waiting weeks in shelters and growing fearful of rising violence at the border, Mexico’s Siete24 reported. The news site spoke with Maritza Del Carmen Mendez, a Salvadoran migrant, who claimed she left her country in October but is afraid of tensions surrounding the caravan and the escalation of conflicts at the U.S. border. The woman said that she is planning to return home until her relatives in the U.S. can arrange her journey with a human smuggler.

In Tijuana, where thousands of migrants are waiting for entry into the U.S., several individuals signed up for returns courtesy of the Mexican government, claiming they were misled about the difficulties ahead of them, Buzzfeed’s Adolfo Flores reported via Twitter.

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