Video Shows Teen Migrants Severely Injured After Climbing AZ Border Wall

Migrant Teen Sustains Injury after Falling from Border Wall
Photo: U.S. Border Patrol Video via Fox News

A Border Patrol camera operator in the Yuma Sector captured the frightening images of two Guatemalan teens falling from an 18-foot border wall near the San Luis Port of Entry. The migrants sustained serious injuries and can be seen writhing in pain after falling.

Border Patrol agents in the Yuma Sector responded quickly to the scene where a group of six Guatemalan nationals crossed an 18-foot border wall located east of the San Luis Port of Entry on December 7. Two teenage girls reportedly sustained severe injuries after falling.

In the video, a 14-year-old girl drops from the wall after her mother successfully crossed into the U.S. She immediately begins to writhe on the ground in pain, Fox News reported. A few seconds later, a 17-year-old girl three her belongings over the wall and dropped from the top. She also appears to immediately be in pain.

Officials reported that the 14-year-old girl from Guatemala sustained a serious back injury while the 17-year-old hurt her ankle.

Border Patrol officials have signs posted in Spanish along the wall, warning of the dangers of scaling it.
The video shows Border Patrol agents quickly responding to the scene and beginning emergency medical assistance for the girls.

The agents placed the four uninjured migrants in custody and transported the injured girls to a hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Earlier this month, another Yuma Sector Border Patrol camera operator captured video of a human smuggler dropping two small children from an 18-foot wall in the same area, Breitbart News reported. In this case, no one sustained serious injuries, but one child did receive a facial laceration.

A few days earlier, a woman became impaled on rebar after falling from a wall in the San Diego Sector.

“People entering our country illegally, at places other than designated Ports of Entry, put themselves and their families in dangerous situations that could result in significant injury or even death,” Yuma Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Carl Landrum said in a statement reported by Fox News. “The only legal and safe method of entry into the United States is through a designated Port of Entry.”

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