Border Patrol Rescues Two Children Abandoned on Texas Border River

Laredo South Station Border Patrol agents rescued two small children from drowning. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Laredo Sector)
Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Laredo Sector

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents rescued a pair of small children after a human smuggler abandoned them in the Rio Grande border with Mexico. An agent risked his life by entering a swiftly moving creek to save the children from drowning.

Laredo South Station Border Patrol agents observed a group of migrants attempting to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico during the early evening hours of October 14, according to information obtained from Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials. A human smuggler attempted to cross two small children into Texas.

As the smugglers crossed the Rio Grande, they attempted to avoid apprehension by moving into the Chacon Creek in South Laredo, officials stated. The smuggler and two small children began to struggle in the swiftly moving waters.

“As the foot guide began to lose balance, he let go of one of the children,” officials reported. “The child was able to find a nearby rock to cling to in the currents. The foot guide then abandoned the other child in the creek before returning to Mexico.”

One of the agents quickly jumped into the water and rescued the two children before they could be swept away.

Agents report that the children, two boys, were ages three and six. They returned the children to their mother who crossed the river as part of the group attempting to illegally enter the U.S., the report states. Officials did not disclose the nationality of the family. The children did not require medical attention.

The rescue follows the abandonment of two other little girls in the Arizona desert near the Morelos Dam on October 12, Breitbart Texas reported.

In California, agents saved a seven-year-old girl from El Salvador after smugglers dropped her over a border wall in the El Centro Sector. San Diego Sector agents also rescued a child who was dropped from a 30-foot wall into the arms of an agent.

“No one, let alone a child of any age or race, should be exposed to the multitude of dangers when crossing illegally into this country,” Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino said in a written statement. “Smugglers will always view children as a commodity to gain a profit, disregarding the safety and well-being of any individual except their own.”

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