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Randy Clark: Final Hours Tick until Biden’s Next Border Debacle Begins

In less than 24 hours, the CDC’s Title 42 COVID-19 expulsion authority will expire. The end of the expulsion authority will mark the final departure from any enforcement policies enacted under the Trump administration that saw migrant crossing numbers quickly drop in late 2019 and 2020. Despite the latest media blitz by the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas assuring Americans that the Biden administration has things under control, we should all be skeptical.

150 migrants found on Texas freight train near border. (Kinney County Sheriff's Office)

Texas Border Sheriff Calls for Multi-State Response to Migrant Crisis

Kinney County, Texas, Sheriff Brad Coe issued a plea for other law enforcement agencies to help with the continued flow of migrants through his county. The sheriff sent a letter to fellow sheriffs in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas asking for available resources to be sent immediately to Kinney County.

A group of migrants are found being smuggled in a horse trailer in Kinney County, Texas. (

WATCH: Texas Ranchers Discuss Dangers, Costs of Border Crisis

Texas ranchers say changes in immigration and border security policies by the Biden administration created chaos, danger, and personal costs to those living along the Texas border with Mexico. Record migrant crossings leave residents as far as a hundred miles from the border scrambling to keep up with the damages caused to their property.

Rancher Brian King along damaged fence on his ranch near the Texas border with Mexico. (Vi

22 Migrants Held by Armed Human Smugglers Rescued in Texas near Border

U.S. Border Patrol officials in the Rio Grande Valley Sector received information regarding a group of migrants being held against their will by armed human smugglers. The smugglers held the migrants in a stash house located in Rio Grande City, Texas. Agents notified the Starr County Sheriff’s Office and CBP Air and Marine Operations and requested assistance.

Border Patrol agents found a hunting rifle, a shotgun, and an airsoft gun in a human smugg

Human Smugglers Continue Leaving Migrants to Die in Texas Heat

Ruthless cartel-connected human smugglers continue to abandon their human cargo in the Texas summer heat, leaving them to possibly die from exposure, heat stroke, and dehydration. Border Patrol agents risk their own lives to rescue the abandoned illegal immigrants.

Border Patrol BORSTAR agent administers basic medical attention to illegal immigrants aban

Illegal Migrant Abandoned in Desert Calls 911 for Help

A severely dehydrated illegal alien called 911 pleading to be rescued after becoming lost in the desert near the Arizona border with Mexico. Human smugglers apparently abandoned the man and left him to die. Border Patrol agents from the Tucson

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