‘Gangsta-Rapper’ Arrested in Mexico on Murder Charges near Border

Mexican Rapper El Millonario
Facebook Ilse Mar

A well-known “gangsta-rapper” in Mexico is sitting in a prison cell after authorities in the border state of Nuevo Leon arrested him on murder charges. The recording artist had previously worked together with several musicians, including the mainstream rap group “Cartel De Santa,” and had even acted in movies.

On Friday afternoon, the Nuevo Leon State Investigations Agency announced the arrest of Cesar Renato “El Millonario” Suarez at a shopping center in the suburb of Apodaca, part of the Monterrey metropolitan area. After the arrest, authorities took Suarez to a state prison in Apodaca where he is expected to be held pending further detention hearings.

According to state authorities, the charges against El Millonario stem from an apparent confrontation on July 15 where the musician allegedly struck a 29-year-old man in the head causing fatal injuries. The motive for the confrontation between Suarez and the victim has not been publicly revealed. According to the AEI, authorities previously arrested Suarez in 2017 for causing a car accident where a 20-year-old woman died.

The musician known as El Millonario made a name for himself by performing at times with the Mexican mainstream rap group Cartel De Santa and recording under their label. He also appeared in the movie, Los Jefes, where he played a mid-level drug trafficker in Monterrey.

The main singer of Cartel De Santa, Eduardo “Babo” Davalos De Luna, spent almost a year in prison on manslaughter charges stemming from a 2007 altercation with a former employee. During the altercation, Davalos fired a gun wounding the former employee and fatally wounding a friend of his who tried to intervene.

Through his social media page, El Millonario’s staff claimed that the charges against Suarez stemmed from actions carried out by other individuals and not the musician.


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