Prosecutor: Escaped California Inmate ‘Incredibly Violent And Cunning’


A prosecutor describes Orange County Central Men’s Jail escapee Hossein Nayeri as “incredibly violent and cunning.”

Breitbart News previously reported that 37-year-old Nayeri escaped January 22, along with 20-year-old Jonathan Tieu and 43-year-old Bac Duong. All three were reported to be “dangerous” at the time of the jailbreak and were believed to have “fled the area” in which the jail is located.

According to The Orange County Register, deputy district attorney Heather Brown “is handling [a] 2012 case against Hossein Nayeri on charges of kidnapping and torture.” During that 2012 attack, Brown said Nayeri allegedly “burned the victim with a butane torch, beat him with a pistol and a rubber hose, and eventually ordered another suspect to cut off the man’s penis.”

She describes Nayeri as “diabolical…sophisticated, incredibly violent and cunning.”

Brown said her first response to the news of Nayeri’s escape was, “Oh, my God, they let Hannibal Lecter out.”

Nayeri is Iranian born but grew up in California. He went to Clovis West High in Fresno, where he was “a wrestler…[and] had at least three close friends – two men and a woman – who also were charged in the 2012 kidnapping and torture [case].”

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