Nice Attack: 3 UC Berkeley Students Injured, 1 Missing

Nicholas Leslie (Facebook)

Three students at the University of California Berkeley were injured in the Nice terror attack on July 14, and one is missing.

Reuters reports:

Three students on a study abroad program in France were wounded and another was missing in Thursday’s Bastille Day attack in Nice, the University of California, Berkeley, said on Friday.

The university identified the missing student as Nicolas Leslie, 20, one of 85 Berkeley students on a 15-day study abroad trip on entrepreneurship in Europe. Two of the other students suffered broken legs and a third had a broken foot, the university said. The injured students were not identified.

The Berkeley students were studying at a program affiliated with the international European Innovation Academy in Nice, the university said. The program was suspended temporarily as France marks three days of mourning, and students will be given the option of returning home early, the university said.

The university’s official Twitter account noted the casualties, adding the hashtag “#PrayforNice”:

A release from the university detailed further:

In a message to the campus, Vice Provost Cathy Koshland and Dean of Students Joseph Defraine Greenwell expressed their deepest sympathy to all the students, families and the French community who have been affected by this “tragic event” and “senseless violence.”

Earlier this month, another UC Berkeley student was killed in an Islamist terror attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As Breitbart News reported at the time:

18-year-old University of California Berkeley student Tarishi Jain was among over 20 people murdered Friday when Islamic fundamentalists shot and brutally hacked to death bakery patrons and police officers in the diplomatic district of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Jain started at Berkeley in 2015 after graduating from the American International School in Dhaka, according to UC Berkeley. She intended to major in economics and had been in Dhaka for an e-commerce internship she started in June that had been arranged through a division of UC Berkeley.

Update: Leslie’s family is “frantic” to find him, according to the Los Angeles Times, which says that he is the only person from his program who is not yet accounted for. He may have been seen running from the scene during the attack.