Levin Slams Obama for 'Bullying' Israel

Levin Slams Obama for 'Bullying' Israel

Talk show host Mark Levin slammed President Barack Obama for a report by a member of the Knesset published by Newsmax that Obama “yelled” at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a discussion on the Israel-Hamas conflict.  Levin accused the president of “bullying,” Netanyahu, and slammed the president for his unfair treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister. “He would never talk to Putin that way, he would never talk to an Arab or a Muslim leader that way. Ever” Levin said of Obama’s reported attitude towards Netanyahu. 

“Look what’s going on…the rise of anti-Semitism, of Jew-hatred, overseas and here.  Obama doesn’t say a word about it.  I assure you, I guarantee you, if this were happening to Muslims Obama would take to the microphone and he’d talk endlessly about it.  And what about the Christians that are being killed and mutilated overseas? Not a damn word” he added. 

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