Van Jones: ISIS Intervention a Chance for Bipartisan Agreement

Van Jones: ISIS Intervention a Chance for Bipartisan Agreement

Monday on CNN, former Obama administration Green Jobs Czar Van Jones and conservative author S.E. Cupp debated President Barack Obama’s reaction to the ISIS threat.

S.E. Cupp took the president to task for his claim that he is not good at political theater saying, “To whitewash and rewrite history and pretend to the American people and Chuck Todd that he’s not good at anticipating the optics of politics is preposterous. Have you met you? This is a president largely elected not because of any experience he had but because he was good at the optics of politics. So I mean it was a mistake. He was right to acknowledge it was a mistake. Let’s not pretend this doesn’t come naturally to him. It’s one of the few things that he does very well generally.”

When the conversation turned to what the United States strategy should be Van Jones said, “I will say this, we might be missing something. This is actually rare moment in national unity. Everyone now from the far left to Rand Paul to the president, to most Republicans are say we have to do something about ISIS. I think we can pick apart, did he the say something he might have regretted weeks ago. the country is coming together in this threat.”

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