Megyn Kelly Grills CAIR Spokesman

Megyn Kelly Grills CAIR Spokesman

Fox News Channel’s “Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly grilled Hassan Shilby, the Chief Executive Director of the Florida branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, about radical Islam and President Obama’s declaration that ISIS was not Islamic on Thursday night.

“You look at Egypt, an ally to the United States, or at least it was. The administration’s been on the fence about that, but 84% there, 84% favor the death penalty for leaving Islam. 82% favor stoning for adultery. It doesn’t seem like the most moderate religion when Sharia Law comes into the picture, and this group [ISIS] takes that to an extra extreme, to an ultra extreme, and they do it in the name of Islam” she stated. And “you’re talking about Sharia even being moderate and I’m telling you ‘no it isn’t.’”

After Shilby asked “do you know what the goals of Sharia are?” She responded “I know if you’re a woman and you commit adultery, under Sharia Law, they want to stone you. All right. So I know that.” He then responded that the same passages can be found in the Bible, to which Kelly retorted “yeah, but they’re actually doing it there.”

Kelly then turned to Shilby’s support for radical beliefs, asking “you purport to be moderate in your views and to want a condemnation of ISIS’ tactics, yet when we look at your Facebook page, you post a link to a 9/11 conspiracy article calling the 9/11 Commission all lies. You list yourself as a fan of this radical Muslim cleric, Khalid Yasin, who says the military, US military invented AIDs, and doesn’t believe al Qaeda was involved in 9/11. Why would you call yourself a fan of that man?” Shilby claimed “I never called myself a fan of that man. I think I saw one lecture that maybe I clicked ‘like’ on Facebook, and that’s all I know about him, was that short clip,” to which Kelly pointed out “you list him as a fan and interest. And you had it up there years ago. You were challenged by it. You said you didn’t know it was up there. That was four years ago…It’s still up there. Four years later.”

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