Rupert Murdoch: If Scotland Votes to Split from UK, Cameron Will Have to Go

Rupert Murdoch: If Scotland Votes to Split from UK, Cameron Will Have to Go

On Thursday’s broadcast of “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel, 21st Century Fox chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch weighed in on the pending Scotland independence vote.

According to Murdoch, should Scotland split from the United Kingdom, it would probably mean the end for David Cameron’s reign as prime minister.

“I think that if they lose it – if they are splintered, he will probably have to go,” Murdoch said. “I think there is about a 70 percent likelihood. And I say that after talking to a lot of the MPs. But if it’s close and they stand by these devolution processes, I think they have to. You know, half his party is very unhappy and the same exactly in the Labour Party.  It’s been totally mishandled by everybody on the ‘no’ side.”

Murdoch went on to add that the Scottish independence movement is indicative of a larger global movement that reflect discontent with the status quo.

“It’s very interesting,” he continued. “I think there’s meaning in this. I think this goes beyond Scotland. I think there’s a great sort of anti-establishment groundswell, which is seen in this vote in Scotland. You’re seeing it down here in Britain in the anti-European party in one single issue, which is to get out of Europe. And I think you’re seeing it in France with the polling for [Jean-Marie] Le Pen. And really you can take United States and go across to Middle America – what do they think in Washington, and Wall Street for that matter? They’re literally looking for change.”

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