Krauthammer to Obama: Don't Broadcast Your ISIS Strategy, for God's Sake

Krauthammer to Obama: Don't Broadcast Your ISIS Strategy, for God's Sake

On Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to the Syrian airstrikes launched by the United States against ISIS the night before.

Krauthammer explained that it was his view this is what ISIS intended the United States to do, particularly by committing beheading of U.S. journalists on television, which he said would give ISIS an edge over other terror groups abroad.

“You can explain what they did in two ways,” he said. “One, they’re not as savvy western-oriented as we think. They didn’t quite understand the effect that the beheadings on television would have on the U.S. and they’re surprised by our reaction. I tend to support the other theory — they knew exactly what they’re doing. They wanted to bring the U.S. in. They think in the end, like everywhere, we will tire and they also are — they’re mainly right now in intramural competition with the other jihadists and the world. They want to be the new al Qaeda. They want to supersede everybody. They want to be the one true crusade against the West, if you like. And by taking on America, you rise to our stature. I think that was behind the beheadings. I think they’re bringing us in was intended.”

The Washington Post columnist went on to say President Barack Obama should be given the “benefit of the doubt” in that he is listening to his military generals on how to defeat the ISIS opponent. However, he urged Obama to play it close to the vest and not announce his intentions.

“I think right now I give him the benefit of the doubt,” Krauthammer added. “What you’re saying is absolutely true of Afghanistan. He order the surge, but he did not give the generals the numbers or the time they needed and begged for. He was advised by the military to leave a residual force in Iraq. He left nothing and then the vacuum — we know what’s happened. In Libya he led from behind. He didn’t do anything. We know what happened after that. We’ve been expelled from Libya. Our embassy now is in the hands of in Tripoli, in the hands of Islamic who like swimming in our pool. But I think this time after six years, he may have learned his lesson. I think he’s going to allow the generals to do what they have to do and we’ll see. Although ruling out ground troops in advance was very ill-advised, very political. You can have that in your head. You can decide you don’t want to do it, but the president has to stop telling the other guys what we’re going to do. You can decide it on your own, but don’t broadcast it, for God’s sake.”

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