Rick Perry: Time to Use American Energy as a Weapon

Rick Perry: Time to Use American Energy as a Weapon

Thursday night in Houston at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) said our adversary Russia is cutting energy to our allies in Europe as if it were a weapon. But now with new advancements in energy technology America has surpassed Russia in natural gas production and it is time for America to change the balance of world power.

“American has the potential to pioneer a new frontier,” Perry said. “We only need a president to blaze a new trail. The surge in our production of oil and natural gas allows us the opportunity to reshape the global economy.” 

He continued, “With the natural gas we now produce we can help liberate our European allies from Russian energy aggression, ” by “aggressively market american energy,” because he concluded, “energy is a weapon in the hand of aggressor. So I say if energy is going to be used as a weapon America should have the largest arsenal.”

“And the arsenal of American energy should not be used to bully other nations but to set them free.”

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