GOP Rep Demands Obama Ban Travel to West Africa

GOP Rep Demands Obama Ban Travel to West Africa

Friday on NewsMax TV’s “American Forum”  Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) called on President Barack Obama to ban non-essential travel to and from West African nations effected by the Ebola epidemic. 

Poe said, “It’s current law,” explaining the president could require the FAA to prevent air travel into those countries he added, “We can do that, it is legal and we need some common sense here.” 

Poe criticized the CDC for not being “forthright” saying, “First, this was an isolated incident and the person hadn’t come in contact with anyone else,Then, we’re finding out that’s just not correct. So I think the CDC needs to be forthright in telling the American public exactly what is occurring, not to be alarmist, but just to tell us what’s taken place so citizens have the right to know how this disease is affecting the U.S.”

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