Carson: I Wouldn't Be Surgeon General for Obama

Carson: I Wouldn't Be Surgeon General for Obama

Dr. Ben Carson, author of “One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future,” declared that he would never serve as Surgeon General under President if he was offered because he doesn’t trust the president on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

When asked whether he would serve as Surgeon General if President Obama hypothetically selected him, Carson responded “No. No, because I would, if I were going to serve in that position, I would have to serve under someone that I trusted.”

Carson re-iterated his earlier statement that CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden was being muzzled, saying “I think if Dr. Frieden were 100% free to say what he wanted to say, I think he would be saying some different things.”

He speculated that Frieden would say “of course, banning flights coming from infected areas makes sense. That would be the first thing he’d say. And you know, I think he would be concentrating a lot more on finding out what exactly happened to transmit this disease to health care workers.”

Carson also expressed his support for a flight ban, arguing “you don’t even have to be a medical expert to recognize that [a flight ban is a good idea]. I mean, that’s such basic knowledge. And you know, many of the African countries have shut off their borders to people coming from the infected areas.”

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