ER NP: CDC 'Lost Their Credibility'

ER NP: CDC 'Lost Their Credibility'

ER Nurse Practitioner Erin Tolbert said that the CDC has “really lost their credibility lately” in an interview on Monday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“We have got a really inconsistent message from the CDC, and the CDC has been traditionally an organization, a department that we as healthcare professionals look to as an authority but they’ve really lost their credibility lately” she declared. And “there’s a serious mistrust here.”

She added there was “further distrust in our medical system and I think it’s a conditioned fallout of the CDC’s initial mishandling of this whole situation.”

Tolbert argued for a three week quarantine for healthcare workers returning from West Africa arguing, “I actually support a healthcare quarantine for workers coming back from West Africa. I applaud the work that they’ve done there but the volunteer experience should not end when they leave the bedside of that last patient that they’ve treated, but it should end three weeks later.”

She concluded that the lack of one leader on the management of Ebola “makes this whole situation look like even more of a debacle…we’ve got everyone trying to do their part, but it really creates this inconsistent message, this lack of leadership is causing doubt and panic in the minds of Americans and our healthcare workers as well.”

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