Hagan Won't Say Whether She Approves of Obama's Job Performance

Hagan Won't Say Whether She Approves of Obama's Job Performance

On Tuesday night, WSOC Charlotte’s Blair Miller sat down with Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NH) to ask her about her thoughts on President Obama’s job performance, among other things.

“When it comes to the president,” Miller began, “your opponent has tried to tie you to the president, and he’s done that a lot. Do you think the president has done a good job?”

Hagan attempted to deflect the question.

“You know, once again, this election is not about the President,” Hagan said. “He is not on the ballot. Speaker [Thom] Tillis is trying to make that happen.”

“But regardless of what your opponent is saying, do you think the President has done a good job?” Miller prodded.

“You know I think we look at what’s happened in our country today,” Hagan said, appearing to deflect the question again. “Whether it’s Afghanistan, Iraq, the issue right now with ISIS, Ebola, there are so many things that have hit our country, and that he’s got a very, very difficult job, and I think everybody with a 24-hour news cycle wants instantaneous answers, they want everything, they can go back and, you know, 20/20 hindsight is always sort of the answer.”

“But I think he’s got a very difficult job,” Hagan concluded.

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