Rock Talks Support for Gun Control on SNL

Rock Talks Support for Gun Control on SNL

Comedian Chris Rock talked about his previous support for gun control while hosting this week’s “Saturday Night Live” on NBC.

After joking about the commercialization of Christmas, Rock said “Jesus tried to help. Hey, I tried to help. You get hurt for helping, that’s what happens. I went down to Washington, DC, for an anti-gun event, anti-gun thing at the White House. I’m not big anti-gun. I just think there should be some regulations just in case. Listen, the same way I can’t drive a NASCAR down the street, I shouldn’t be able to have a machine gun in my house across the street from a school.”

He continued, “so I go to this thing, and it’s me and a bunch of celebrities and we speak out against guns. And I come home, and I check out my website…and there’s all these threats on there. ‘I’m going to kill you’ ‘I’m going to put one in your head.’ ‘I’ll slit your throat.’ ‘Don’t you dare come between me and my weapons.’ And I realized, ‘oh my God, I need a gun. I need a gun. Right now.’”

Rock then concluded, “from that moment on, I said, ‘I will never get involved in any charity, or cause for the rest of my life. You’re on your own.’ I don’t care what disease it is. I don’t care if it’s protecting kids, the environment. I don’t care. If you see me talking about a disease, I got it.”

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