*Language Warning* Maher Mocks Political Correctness, Sony

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher mocked political correctness and Sony’s pulling of “The Interview” on Friday.

“If there was a theme to the news in the time we were off, it would be ‘no joking, no joking.’ There are people in the world who just don’t like you joking about them, North Korea, they don’t like it, these a**holes in Paris who shot cartoonists this week, they don’t like it, and as a jokester, I just have to say the world as one, and to quote the immortal Dick Cheney, say ‘go f*ck yourself” he stated.

Maher then compared the reactions of Charlie Hebdo, who has vowed to publish its next edition on time to Sony, who initially pulled “The Interview,” and said “congratulations Sony, you put up less resistance than the French.”

He also joked that the perpetrators of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo were “as everyone suspected, Amish” and made fun of Howard Dean for saying that the terrorists should not be referred to as “Muslim.”

Maher additionally joked that “only religion could ruin getting high and looking at cartoons” in response to the revelations that the brothers who carried out the Charlie Hebdo attacks were marijuana users and joked that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) would eat an entire box of chocolate eclairs and Bill Clinton would take part in a ménage à trois to show their support for France.

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