Clarke: ‘Anything Short of Murder and Rape’ Won’t Get You Deported

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) said that “anything short of murder and rape” is considered a low-level offense for illegal immigrants and will likely not result in deportation on Friday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“When you put that population [criminal aliens] on top of what we’re already dealing with with people who are legally in the United States and involved in crime, it just compounds our problems. One of the most difficult challenges in dealing with criminal aliens is who are they, every time they get arrested, they give you a different name and you look and each one of them comes with 10, 12, 15 aliases and so just identifying them becomes problematic, but once they’re involved in crime, and I know what the left likes to say that low-level offenders shouldn’t be deported. Well, they have dropped the standard to now where burglary and strong-armed robbery are considered low-level offenses, anything short of murder and rape, they say ‘OK, yeah, murder maybe we should deport them,’ I go ‘no, burglary, strong-armed robbery, drug trafficking, drunk driving…all of those things should be included'” he stated.

Clarke also discussed race relations in the US, arguing “race always has been, and unfortunately always will be an explosive issue in America, but there are certain people within this domain, if you will, within our society that don’t want the–they don’t want racial harmony. There’s a cottage industry out there.” He continued, “I wish they would start, or stop handling the President of the United States with kid gloves, give him an opportunity to show that he can take it. And so, when you baby individuals like that, it does nobody any good…and if we really want to see him viewed as worthy of being in that hall of presidents…he’s going to have to prove that he can take the heat, so when they try to protect him from it, I think it does him a disservice.”

He also continued his criticism of Attorney General Eric Holder, declaring, “never have I witnessed an Attorney General kick law enforcement to the curb, and treat law enforcement, in their rhetoric anyway, as if they’re an adversary. Eric Holder has had an almost hostile view of local law enforcement.”

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