Report: Danish Police Say Not Safe to Be In Streets of Copenhagen

CNN Producer Susanne Gargiulo reported that Danish police were telling citizens it was not safe to be in the streets of Copenhagen in the wake of two shootings in the city on Saturday.

Gargiulo said that while authorities have been tight-lipped, they have confirmed that the suspect in the second shooting near a synagogue escaped on foot, and told residents “it is not safe to be in the streets.” She further stated another news bureau reported there were armed military vehicles driving in the streets. And that such a situation was “very unusual” in a place like Copenhagen.

“All you see is a lot of police cars, a lot of police, as we heard the earlier reporter say, they’ve pulled out every single police into this, overnight,” she concluded before describing police operations as a “massive manhunt.”

She also reported that it was too early to say whether the shooting near the synagogue was related to an earlier shooting at a free speech event and that it was “impossible” to say if the second shooting was related to the synagogue in any way considering that it was located in the center of the city.

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