Commish Pai: FCC May Outlaw Streaming Music to Your Phone

On One America News Network’s “The Daily Ledger,” FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai detailed some of the regulations he has found going though the secret 332-page proposed FCC plan designed by President Barack Obama to regulate the Internet.

When asked what he felt was the worst aspect of the secret FCC plan Pai said, “Most perniciously, when  you think about it, the FCC for the first time is going to start second guessing even what kind of service plan you have. And it explicitly mentions for example ‘T-Mobile Music Freedom,’ which allows you to steam music to your mobile device without counting against your data cap. The FCC explicitly tees that up as a practice it might end up outlawing.”

Echoing the anti-Obamacare arguments he added, “If you like your service plan, you should be able to keep your service plan, and the FCC shouldn’t be able to take that away from you.”

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