India Leads the World in Internet Shutdowns

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Wednesday that India is the world leader in shutting down Internet access, coming in ahead of heavyweight access-blockers like Iran, Libya, and Sudan with 84 regional shutdowns in 2022.

Indian undergraduate students code on their computers as they take part in HackCBS, a 24 hour event of software development also called 'hackathon', at the Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS) in New Delhi on October 28, 2018. - Students from all over India gathered in teams to take …

China Announces 2023 Internet Purge: ‘Special Campaigns to Cleanse Cyberspace’

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) held a press conference on Tuesday to tout the millions of items of “illegal information” and “illegal accounts” it banned last year, and lay out its plans for an even greater censorship purge in the coming year to “rectify the cyberspace problems which have harmed the experience of Chinese netizens.”

An accredited member of the media goes online at the main press center (MPC) on the Olympic Green on August 1, 2008 in Beiijng. Senior IOC member Kevan Gosper slammed International Olympic Committee officials for apparently agreeing with China to censor the Internet, saying the deal left him humiliated. Australian …