Dermer: Bibi Couldn’t Wait Until After Elections

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer argued that Prime Minister Netanyahu couldn’t wait until after Israel’s elections to speak before Congress because “a deal may be signed now” on Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

“The problem is — is a deal may be signed now. So, we can’t sort of kick this can down the road. I do regret there was a perception of partisanship. That was never our intention. I do regret there was a perception that we were showing disrespect to the president or to the office of the presidency. No disrespect was intended” he stated.

Dermer added, after Mitchell wished him a happy Purim, “at that point, a long time ago we foiled a plot to destroy the Jewish people, I hope the plot of the Iranians to destroy the Jewish people will be foiled as well.”

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