Fournier: Democrats ‘Scared to Death’ over Hillary Clinton

National Journal Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director Ron Fournier said that Democrats are “scared to death” over the scandals regarding donations to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s emails on Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“Don’t buy the spin, they [Democrats] are scared to death. And there’s a lot of them who are already starting to think ‘is she really the best candidate for us?’…Their bench, compared to the Republican bench is awfully, awfully thin. And there’s a lot of Democrats, by the way, who are saying ‘follow the money.’ A lot of Democrats are really worried about the Foundation, that’s what they’re really worried about” he stated.

Earlier, Fournier said that the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of Chinese donations is “a big issue. There’s a lot of other ways the Chinese government, and the Saudis, and the [Qataris] — there are other ways that they can help the world if that’s what they want to do. They’re giving their money to the Clinton Foundation for a reason. They want something out of it. So I know, what I really want to see in these e-mails is any e-mail that mentions the Foundation and mentions one of the donors.”

Fournier also commented on James Carville’s defense of Clinton, arguing that “what Carville did is give up the goods. What he admitted there was that this was not a matter of convenience, which is what the Secretary said. He admitted that the reason she did this was so she didn’t have to comply with the oversight of the House, and –and with the natural laws of transparency. He gave up the goods. He sold her out.”

Fournier added that while Democrats are right that no one’s votes will be decided by the emails specifically, “what they don’t want you to understand is this is a matter of trust. And you can’t lead a country, you might not even be able to win an election if the people don’t trust you, and we already see her trust numbers coming down.” And “what the Clinton people think is going to happen here is they understand everything we’re saying is true. The way they want to turn to the page is to somehow show how transparent she can run as a campaigner, that she’ll overwhelm the media with her access, that she’ll overwhelm the public with social media. I’d like to see that actually happening, but that is their plan.” He also declared that such a plan “cuts against the kind of public servant she’s been, but any little bit she does would look transformational.”

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