Kurtz: Tucker Carlson’s No-Fox News Criticism Rule Threatens Daily Caller’s Independence

On his Sunday broadcast of “MediaBuzz,” host Howard Kurtz opined on a situation that resulted in the resignation of blogger Media Kaus from The Daily Caller.

According to Kaus, he resigned immediately following the deletion of a post that was critical of the right-leaning network for not being more outspoken on immigration. Editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson deleted that particular post because it violated a rule he imposed on his publication not to be critical of Fox News, which employs him.

Kurtz warned this policy threatens the independence of The Daily Caller.

“Tucker Carlson, the founder of The Daily Caller website, is also the co-host of ‘Fox & Friends Weekend,’” Kurtz said. “One of his columnists, Mickey Kaus, quit after Carlson, citing his role at the network, killed a piece saying Fox News isn’t being critical enough on immigration reform. Carlson told me he gives his writers vast editorial freedom but makes an exception for Fox because you don’t go after your employer. That, unfortunately, helps undercut his site’s independence.”

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