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Mickey Kaus

Kaus: Luther Strange Is 2017’s Eric Cantor

GOP Sen. Luther Strange is the 2017 version of Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor, who was also defeated in his primary by deep opposition to Washington’s bipartisan support for cheap-labor immigration, says Mickey Kaus, an author and an advocate for reduced immigration.


Report: As a Teenager, Rubio Dreamed of Being ‘First Hispanic President’

According to a report from the Washington Post, ever since Marco Rubio was a young man, he dreamed of becoming the first Hispanic president. The report may provide fresh insights into the cozy relationships Rubio has fostered with his wealthy donors over the years, as well as his life-long career as a politician.

Rubio Family Photos Sen. Marco Rubio

Mickey Kaus: Rubio Is the Republican John Edwards

Anti-amnesty blogger Mickey Kaus highlighted Marco Rubio’s penchant for dodging questions by retreating to his memorized stump speech and labeled the donor-class candidate “The Republican John Edwards.”

Marco Rubio and John Edwards