Levin: ‘We Don’t Need a Governor’ as President

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments” Mark Levin argued that the next president does not need to be a governor and that it doesn’t matter what title the Republican nominee has on Monday.

After saying that some arguing that the next president should be a governor were doing so “because they typically support a particular candidate who happens to be a governor,” he said “we don’t need a governor, we don’t need a senator, we don’t need a businessman. We need a leader, a leader who believes, as Cruz is articulating, as Rand Paul articulates, as Mike Lee articulates, and others, many others have articulated, an agenda to restore the republic.”

Levin continued, “when we say ‘we need a governor,’ what we’re saying is ‘we need a manager.’ And what I’m saying is we don’t need a manager, we need a visionary who can hire the managers. That’s what Reagan did as governor, that’s what he did as president.” And “whether it’s a governor, a senator, whether it’s a shoemaker, a candlemaker, whether it’s a janitor, I don’t much care.”

Levin also argued that Cruz was “an example” of a leader who was “opposed every step of the way when he ran for the Senate in Texas by the establishment. Trashmouthed constantly by the establishment in Washington and New York now.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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