Watch: Breitbart’s Adelle Nazarian at ‘New Terror Threat’ Town Hall

Earlier this month, Breitbart contributor Adelle Nazarian participated in a town hall meeting on the threat of global terrorism broadcasted on NewsChannel 8 in Washington, D.C.

Nazarian decried the lack of leadership on the fronts of the war on terror and pointed the rise of ISIS as one of the consequences of President Barack Obama’s “non-interventionist” foreign policy.

“I have to say that America – unfortunately our leadership, or lack thereof, got us into the mess we’re now in abroad,” Nazarian said. “I don’t believe that you can prevent and stop wars and nip it in the bud whenever you’re going against a radical Islamist theology that is hell bent on completely destroying the western values that this country stands for.”

“And I think it’s very telling that President Barack Obama, who came into office with the intention of having a non-interventionist mentality, which as Clifford pointed out was really the caldron that caused the Islamic state to gain such prowess in quadrupling in its influence and scope throughout the Middle East. It all started because of that mentality and we need to have a very strong and forward-thinking and aggressive mentality to combat the threats to democracy.”

Watch — Nazarian on Iran Nukes:

She also warned Iran could increase its nuclear abilities by the time these talks come to a conclusion.

“Iran, regardless of whatever sanctions we impose, they’re going to – they have enough centrifuges for seven bombs,” she said. “And I guarantee you by the time these talks come to a final addendum – whatever is going to happen – they’ll have enough to build eight.”

Watch — Nazarian Takes Aim at Valerie Jarrett:

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