BP Agent: Exec Amnesty Will Make Border Crossing #s ‘Even Higher’

Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera argued that if federal courts lift the hold on President Obama’s executive action on immigration, it’s “just going to allow these numbers [of people crossing the border illegally] to climb even higher” on Friday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Cabrera said, “we’re continuing to allow people to come into the country, and it’s causing more and more to come over. Our numbers are starting to slow with the women and children, and with something like this, it’s just going to allow these numbers to climb even higher.”

Earlier, he stated, “I think we continue as a country to keep advocating for people to come over here illegally, with our actions, and this is one of them, and as long as we continue to send that message, that it’s okay to come here illegally, people will continue to come.”

Cabrera concluded, “we started with the women and children, and then you have the family unit, you have unaccompanied — the unaccompanied children and you have — once you have that group, you also have people that are crossing, and they have no intention of turning themselves in.”

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