Watch: Rocks and Bricks Thrown at Police in Baltimore

According to multiple media outlets, rocks and bricks were thrown at police officers in Baltimore, Maryland, injuring some of the officers.

NBC News’ Brian Mooar said that “this is a small number of people, based on what we’re seeing, I mean, we’re looking through a keyhole here. This is a small number of people, and police are trying to keep it from becoming a larger number of people. Nothing like the demonstrations that we had on Saturday, for instance, where there were many hundreds of people gathered, the vast majority of them were protesting peacefully, and when people started getting out of control, what we saw was people in that crowd grabbing people and saying, ‘don’t give them an excuse, back off, you’re going too far.’ The crowd was policing itself. This is a younger crowd from what we can tell from this bird’s eye view, and you can see that police are sort of playing whack-a mole if you will, chasing them around, trying to keep them from gathering, it can become a cat and mouse game, and if too many people gather at any single point, it can become a flash point,” while MSNBC’s “The Cycle” anchors said that it looked on the live feed of Baltimore as though “rocks, or other debris” were being hurled at the police.

During CNN’s live report, Correspondent Athena Jones was forced to move back from her position among the officers.

Baltimore CBS affiliate WJZ reported that rocks and bricks were thrown at the police.

CBS News described the projectiles as “rocks, bottles, and bricks”

The Baltimore Sun‘s Erica Green reported there were “at least 100 kids. Throwing bricks, anything”

  She later tweeted a picture of a “badly injured” police officer, and described the situation as “all out war between kids and police”

Later, CBS reported that “several officers” had been injured.  

During a press conference, the Baltimore PD said that one of the injured officers was “unresponsive.”

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