Watch: SNL Mocks Hillary’s Pandering

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” mocked Hillary Clinton during their season finale on Saturday.

In the sketch, Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton dropped in on people during summer vacation, and responded to what she would be doing this summer, saying, “I’m going to a fertilizer plant to talk with immigrants about the DREAM Act.”

Clinton then walked up to a group of surfers, saying, “Hey there, 18 to 25-year-olds. How does it all hang? God, I love summer. You know, fun fact about summer. You know Bernie Sanders? This is his 73rd one. I guess the old age thing is his narrative now. Will you summer kids help me spread that?”

One of the surfers said they were going to go hit the waves, Clinton responded, “That’s cool. You know what else is cool? In two years, I’ll be 69. Do you like that? Bill told me to tell that to young males.”

A surfer then claimed that he could hear the ocean calling, and Hillary responded, “And I can hear the screams of a dying middle class.”

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