Hayden: ISIS Successful Narrative Making Lone Wolf Attacks Our ‘New Normal’

Tuesday on NewsMax TV’s “Newsmax Prime” the former director of the NSA and CIA retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden said lone wolf  attacks like in Garland, TX last month are now the “new normal” because of ISIS’s successful anti-west social media narrative.

Discussing a terror suspect being shot in Boston this week Hayden said, “This is another example of the new normal, The self radicalized individual like we saw in Garland, TX. I’m afraid we’re just going to have to get used to this a bit.”

He continued, “We’re entering into a bit of a difficult period, a period of at least slightly increased danger.”

“What ISIS has done has created a narrative that there is unrelenting hostility between Islam and the West, between Islam and Christianity. And what we’re now seeing are some folks isolated, depressed, otherwise lacking meaning in their lives, grabbing onto that narrative and using that ISIS narrative, unrelenting hostility between Islam and the West to explain their own situation and perhaps to motivate their own actions.”

He added, “That’s where I think we now are and that’s why we’re entering into a period in which we’re going to see, unfortunately, more of these kinds of events.”

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