Kirsten Powers: Planned Parenthood Video Is ‘Damning,’ Gives Pro-Choice People Pause

USA Today columnist and Fox News Contributor Kirsten Powers argued that even if Planned Parenthood wasn’t selling fetal organs, the video of one of their doctors talking about late-term abortion “is particularly damning,” and makes even pro-choice people say, “Wait a minute” on Friday’s “Special Report.”

Powers stated that Planned Parenthood responded to the video so aggressively “because this is particularly damning. And it’s something that even pro-choice people look at and say, ‘Wait a minute.’ And the reason that it’s so damning, setting aside whether or not they were selling — harvesting and selling anything, is that most people don’t understand what happens in a late-term abortion, and we’re told that this is nothing to see here, and suddenly, they’re talking about hearts and lungs, and people are saying, ‘Wait a minute. You know, you’re talking very — about crushing a baby.’ And Planned Parenthood’s coming out and saying, ‘Well, it wasn’t compassionate enough, the way we speak about this.’ And I think, most people don’t think that there’s any compassionate way to do this. There is no compassionate way to talk about crushing a baby in utero.”

Earlier, columnist Charles Krauthammer said,”the media have a particular view of abortion. They don’t to cover anything that will jeopardize the current policies. And that’s why you don’t hear about it.”

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