Walker: ‘We’re At War,’ Radical Islam ‘Is Our Enemy’

Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker argued that regardless of the motive behind the shooting in Chattanooga, “we’re at war, and radical Islamic terrorism is our enemy” on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Walker said, “First off, before we say anything, we need to keep in prayers the families of those four Marines, and certainly pray for those three who’ve been shot for full recovery out there. But, yeah, we have to acknowledge, even without knowing all the details in this instance, we need to acknowledge that we’re at war, and radical Islamic terrorism is our enemy. And it’s not enough just to have containment anymore. And you talked about the policies that prohibited our military personnel from being armed at an establishment like this, those are outdated. Containment was something that might have been good during the Cold War, but we’re facing an enemy in radical Islamic terrorism that’s willing to take the fight to us. And we need to make sure that our men and women in uniform not only have the resources to protect us and keep our — our country safe, they need to have the resources to keep themselves safe.”

He added, “Our primary responsibility at the federal government level shouldn’t be in all these other programs and services we provide. It should be to protect our national security interests, to keep us safe and sound here in America.”

Walker continued, “I was one of the people who spoke up and said we should have reauthorized the Patriot Act. I think we need to have the resources there, and I think this is worth reexamining. I think we need to give resources, where appropriate, to not only the FBI, but at other levels of the federal government, to make sure that we can actually protect, not just the men and women in uniform, but Americans here. We are under threat, again, this is like a virus, and if we don’t take it out completely, it’s going to keep coming back and attacking the host.”

The discussion then turned to Planned Parenthood, Walker said, “Years ago, when I first became governor of the state of Wisconsin, my first budget, I defunded Planned Parenthood. I took some attacks from some in the media, and some in the left. But this video’s just a prime example, this is not a noncontroversial entity. This is obviously a disturbing, disgusting act that they’re talking about. We’ve outlawed that in Wisconsin in the past. We need to be defunding Planned Parenthood, not only state by state, but I think, across the country. And instead, put resources into women’s health issues, but put them into non-controversial entities, public health entities, or other things in that regard.”

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