Lola Ogunnaike: People Needing Guns for Protection From Guns Shows Less Guns Are Safer

In response to the father of slain Virginia journalist Alison Parker saying he will now need a gun for protection, Arise 360’s Lola Ogunnaike said on MSNBC’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” that people believing they need guns for protection shows that less guns make people safer.

On Wednesday, the day of Parker’s tragic death, Alan Parker vowed to fight for gun control, but now Parker said that being in the public media now means he will need one because people “take exception to what you’re saying.”

Ogunnaike, however, said there is “countless evidence” to the fact that less guns out would make people feel “more safer.”

“People feel like they have to be armed to protect themselves from others who are armed, when in reality if there were less guns out, people would feel more safer. More guns don’t make us safer. Less guns actually make us safer. There’s countless evidence to that fact.”

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