Christie: Kim Davis Should Be Offered ‘Another Job,’ ‘These Licenses Have To be Issued’

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said that Rowan County, KY clerk Kim Davis (D) should be offered “another job” where her religious objections aren’t a problem, but “these licenses have to be issued” on Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”

Christie said of the anti-police rhetoric from members of the Black Lives Matter movement, “This is the president’s problem, because he has not allowed law and order to be the rule of the day in the United States. Lawlessness has been the rule of the day.” He cited sanctuary cities, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, and the president saying “little or nothing” about cops “being hunted.”

He was later asked what he thinks should happen to Davis. Christie responded, “First off, we’ve got to be protecting religious liberty in this country, and the Constitution has to be protected. People have a right to practice their religion. Now, I’ve said what I would do with this woman is to move her to another job where this is not an objection for her, because, you have to follow the law. And the law has to be — these licenses have to be issued. If she has a religious objection, we should move her to another job inside the government.” He added that there would be “an issue” if Davis refused to go to another job, but she should be given the option.

Christie then commented on the plans of fellow GOP presidential candidates Texas Senator Ted Cruz and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to visit Davis. Christie said his role is simply “speaking out like this,” and “quite frankly, I don’t think you should grandstand on this stuff. This is a serious issue. And I don’t know if she’s looking forward to a visit from Senator Cruz or not. We’ll see. But the fact is, you know, I don’t think you should grandstand on this and play politics on it. What we should do is just try to solve problems.” He continued, “this is part of the problem with Washington, quite frankly. And this is why we need term limits for these guys. We need term limits for these guys, because if this is what they have time to do, they should get out of Washington, DC. They should be fixing the problems. They don’t fix the problems. They close down government, they bicker, they argue, they don’t get anything done. They told us if we elected a Republican Senate and a Republican House, we’d get tax reform, we’d get Obamacare repealed. None of it has happened. So it’s time to have term limits for these folks in there.”

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