Hannity on Iran Deal: ‘This Will Result in a Modern-day Holocaust Before I Die’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of his radio show, host Sean Hannity castigated President Barack Obama for the foreign policy he has instituted thus far during his presidency.

Hannity was particularly harsh on Obama for the deal his administration had negotiated with Iran over its nuclear program and warned of a “modern-day Holocaust” in his lifetime.

“Obama once said that no nuclear deal with Iran – by the way, he said when he was running [for president], ‘Iran, Cuba, Venezuela – those countries are tiny. They’re not a threat,’” Hannity said. “Those words will bite him in the ass as history unfolds.”

“We now have an awful deal where radical Islamic mullahs will be married to weapons of mass destruction,” he added. “And I promise you – and I pray to God I’m wrong – this will result in a modern-day Holocaust before I die, before I leave this earth. I am that certain that that will be the predictable result. He’s made Iran stronger, more emboldened, more dangerous. Our Arab allies are petrified at America’s weakness. They’re now willing to go into deals with the gangster Putin because of his weakness and stupidity and his naiveté if you will – if you want to call it that. I would say his radical indoctrination, bending to the will of Iranians mullahs who laugh behind our backs, thinking we’re the dumbest people on the planet Earth.”

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