Fiorina: Illegal Immigrants Have ‘Forfeited’ Citizenship, ‘Maybe’ Can Stay ‘As Workers’

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina argued that illegal immigrants in the US have “have forfeited their right to become citizens” and could “maybe” stay in the US “as workers” on Friday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Fiorina, in response to a question on what she would do with illegal immigrants already in the US after the border was secured, stated, “I think they have forfeited their right to become citizens.” When asked if they would get to stay, Fiorina said, “Well, maybe. Maybe not. Maybe, maybe not. If they stay, however, they are staying as workers.”

Later, Fiorina, while discussing the Syrian refugees, declared, “We don’t know who these people are. We don’t know what their allegiance is. Most of them are able-bodied young men looking for work, and while our heart breaks when we see pictures of refugees, the truth is we don’t owe a job to every able-bodied young man who doesn’t have work.

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