Levin Slams Ryan for His Syrian Refugee Effort: ‘They Don’t Get It — This is World War III’


On his Thursday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin offered his reaction House Speaker Paul Ryan’s interview on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” the night before. During that appearance, Ryan laid out the components of his legislation that would deal with Syrian migrants seeking refuge in the United States.

Levin took issue with what Ryan was describing in that interview as “pause,” which he said includes a higher level of vetting of those refugees. Levin disputed Ryan’s definition of a “pause” and took aim at him the general mentality of the leadership Washington, D.C., which he argued failed to recognize the seriousness of the threat the country is facing.

“These people inside Washington – they don’t get it,” Levin said. “This is World War III. Could you imagine during World War II or World War I having these discussions? World War I, under a hideous president, Woodrow Wilson, World War II under an almost equally hideous president, FDR – did they worry about any of this stuff? Was this the national debate? The national debate was how to secure the nation and destroy the enemy and how to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible – victory, victory, victory. Do these guys even talk about victory? This entire debate is absurd.”

Levin also pointed out neither Ryan nor his U.S. Senate counterpart, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are doing anything to fulfill funding for the border control legislation passed during George W. Bush’s presidency, which he said calls into question the sincerity of the claim Ryan made that he wants to “secure the homeland.”

“You’re not securing the homeland, you’re pretending to secure the homeland,” Levin said. “And you should know that. You’re one of these amnesty guys. For instance, ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you a question: Has there been a renewed push by the House of Representatives led by this man to fund the 2006-2007 Border Security Act? No, there hasn’t. Has anybody seen Mitch McConnell the last three weeks? Has he been pushing that? No, he hasn’t. So let’s not pretend. Let’s not pretend the right debate is taking place and the right actions are taking place.”

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