Limbaugh on Liberals Attacks on God, Prayer: ‘We’re Dealing with Truly Deranged, Sick, Dangerous People’


On his Thursday radio show, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh took on some of the reactions to yesterday’s shooting in San Bernardino, CA, which included the rejection of those offering “thoughts and prayers” for those involved in the tragedy.

The so-called prayer-shaming meme was voiced by many on the left and some in the media, including a provocative New York Daily News cover on Thursday.

Limbaugh cited a piece penned by Fox News digital political editor Chris Stirewalt that countered the anti-prayer sentiment, then offered his own take.

“So they’re out now in the aftermath of this attack talking about more gun control and taking guns away from average, ordinary people who end up being the victims of these events — and now they’re mocking, lampooning, attacking God and prayer in the aftermath of an act of terrorism?” Limbaugh said. “We’re dealing with truly deranged, sick, dangerous people, if you ask me.”

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